Sunday, June 15, 2008


Indeed, I do wonder... how do people not believe in God?

Who looks upon the sunset sky
Aflame with violet, rose and gold
And, as he gazes, can deny
The One Who made this sight unfold?

Who looks upon the rushing flood,
The glory of the waterfall,
And says that no Creator could
Exist? How else could it befall?

What fools - what fools these mortals be
That gaze on all these things displayed
And say they "happened" randomly,
When only God could such have made

So wondrous, and so wondrously?
O mad men, creatures of the sod,
How can ye see eternity
And yet exclaim, "There is no God?"


crusader88 said...

Taking the second stanza into note, one of the most notable marks of God's design is the peculiarity of water. While most compounds continually contract as their temperature drops, water begins to expand again under 39 degrees Fahrenheit; were it not for that property, any river or ocean which was frozen over would be filled in by the sinking ice. However, the athests have escaped their obligation to explain these constant properties which create a good environment for human life by claiming there are multiple universes, the set of which they call the Landscape. Of course, the supposedly empirical secularists haven't provided any proof. There is a good article about evolution (and mentioning why atheists came up with the Landscape theory to dodge evidences for the existence of a Creator) in the latest Remnant.

Agnes Regina said...

Wow... I didn't know about that. I just go with... the gut feeling, as it were; I see and feel, and a poem is often the result. This was mainly inspired by one glorious sunset last winter, and Father Soos exclaiming as we watched it from the huge windows of the school, "Wow... how do people not believe in God?"

I had to echo his question at Niagara Falls last week as I stepped to the railing and looked down at the torrent of whiteness shot through with pale green and sprinkled with a million little diamonds. This time my brother's friend answered, with a shrug, "Some people are just stupid."

I have to pity them.