Saturday, May 31, 2008

Two Sonnets to Our Lady

One is an acrostic. One is not. The first was written two or three days ago, the second tonight, for the Queenship of Mary. May her name be praised!

Virgo Maria, Audi

Virgin above all Virgins far most fair
In anguish now we cry and call on thee,
Repeating, "Mary, aid us, hear our plea;
God will forgive, if thou dost join our prayer."
Over the mists of years dissolved in air,
Many the soul that cries in agony
And, saved by its recourse, O Queen, to thee,
Repeats its praises unto thee fore'er.
Iniquity and sin our souls o'er-stain
And in this valley dark of tears and pain
All men, here born to weep, cry in their fear,
"Unless thou aid us, Mother, we must burn;
Defend us from the ire we well did earn,
In mercy, Mother, Virgin Mary, hear!"

Mariae Reginae
O Queen of earth, upon this earth wast made
To grace it with a presence half-divine,
To bring to us the Son of God and thine,
And being Mother, still remained a Maid.
O Queen of heaven, see, we are afraid,
For we deserve all pain, by just design;
But, Mary, by thy plea our prayers refine
That God's great wrath in mercy may be stayed.
O Queen that rises as the rising dawn,
More fair than sun or moon to look upon,
Terrible as an army in array,
Be unto us a Queen, but Mother, too;
And while thy foemen fade as morning dew,
Lead us, thy children, to the light of day.


crusader88 said...

How lovely. The 4th line of "Mariae Reginae" is especially nice.

Agnes Regina said...

Thank you, Crusader! It's nice to see you back around.