Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An Unsolvable Mystery...

A man walking on the beach one day found a bottle washed up by the waves. Curious, he opened it, and out popped a genie.
"You have freed me, master! Now I will grant you three wishes, whatever your heart desires."
The delighted man said, "Well, I want to have all the money in the world," and it was done.
"And I would like to be the President of the United States."
And it was done.
"Now... there's one other thing. I would really love to go to Hawaii. But I'm afraid of flying, and boats make me seasick. So can you build me a highway from California to Hawaii?"
The genie looked dismayed. "That's a lot of work. You can't think of anything else?"
The man looked thoughtful. "Well... I have always wanted to understand women."
"Two lanes or four?" gasped the genie.
Inspired by this joke my brother told me, I wrote the following poem.
An Unsolvable Mystery

There's something about women
That the men will never get;
Although their brains they cudgel
They haven't got it yet;
The mystery of woman,
The answer none can find,
That makes them both the plague
And the delight of all mankind.
They cannot understand us -
Our ways, our trains of thought,
Our passions and emotions,
Men comprehend them not.
And though the wisest teachers
And doctors of the land
Have studied and have lectured,
They cannot understand;
And though to fathom women
They try and try again,
We will remain forever
A mystery to men.


crusader88 said...

About the poem, I can merely remark that it's pretty, although I have as of yet not experienced the "plague" part.

Relevant to the theme of your poem, Agnes, I hope that I have understood you well enough... yes, I wrote you a gift!

Agnes Regina said...

Haha... it's more of a mental plague, to those who say trying to understand women is impossible, or drives them crazy! :)

Actually, my life's not as hectic as you guess... I'm actually pretty lazy, shame on me... now I'll have to live up to your very kind gift! :D And thank you!