Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Adventure Begins...

not very adventurously, I have to say.

Ignacio, Lucia, Rocio and I were in plenty of time for our plane from St. Louis to Washington, D.C. The thing was (and well we knew this!) that we had only a forty-minute margin between the landing in D.C. and takeoff for Buenos Aires. We had no problem with that; we have eight perfectly good legs between the four of us, and we could have made it easily, despite the fact that the plane was already twenty minutes behind schedule when we checked in.

Twenty minutes became forty. I began to pray that our flight to Argentina would be late taking off.

Forty minutes became an hour and no sign of the plane. I still thought, "Well, we might be incredibly lucky..." but I didn't really think so any more. I went to sit by Lu and Ro, who were talking to a gentleman from Korea who is a professor at one of the universities in D.C. He was really sweet and funny. He said to Rocio, "You so beautiful, like an angel. An angel from Argentina, Buenos Aires," and went off into chuckles. Before we boarded he gave us his card and said, "You come to Washington, you call me. I give you free guided tour." We bade him a cheerful goodbye and went to get in line.

Two hours and twenty minutes late we took off at last, and landed in D.C. about half-past eleven. We went to get rebooked, and found United had already done it for us. The gentleman at the desk treated us royally, giving us seats together in a row near the front where there is lots of room. Silvio, Dad's friend, called and told us where to meet him, and we got home about half-past midnight, had dinner (we were starved!) washed up and went to bed.

Today we got up, went to Mass, got lost on the way home, and napped or read; not much done. Silvio went to an archery tournament early, and won first prize; when he came back he showed us his bows, and soon we will have dinner and be on our way. The flight leaves at 9:45, but though we have no luggage to check, we are taking no chances!

When we get to Argentina maybe there will be something more fun to post. Meanwhile, God bless all readers!

The Argentinian Adventuress, A.R.


crusader88 said...

I take it this is a fact-finding mission on the politics of Argentina, tee hee! I am glad everything seems to be going well on what must be an exciting odyssey. Saint Christopher watch over the four of you.

Agnes Regina said...

Many thanks-- LOL. No, it's our first real tour of the country. The first couple of weeks we'll explore the capital, the next few we'll tour the interior. You'll see, if you keep an eye on the Lily. :)