Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Of Rabbits

Michelle discovered an adorable baby bunny in the parking lot of Walgreens the other day and, seeing him nearly run over by a car, determined to save him from an inevitable fate. The poor little guy wasn't even big enough to jump up on the curb, so she scooped him up and carried him with her to Mass at school; where, as he could not be in the chapel, she put him in one of Gloria's cleaning buckets, under the pew in the hall. Thence came his name, and this poem.

Bucket Underpew

O hear and I will sing to you
The Bunny Bucket Underpew,
A little rabbit brave and bold,
Who, being but a few weeks old,
Did from his great ancestral home
Into a Walgreens parking roam,
And there, where many dangers are,
Was nearly flattened by a car,
But (as I do to you relate,)
Was rescued from that dreadful fate,
For pity in the heart did swell
Of Miss Michelle-y Mik-e-sell,
And so this rabbit that did roam
Was picked right up and carried home;
And as to Mass she went her way
She hid him 'neath a pew, they say,
And so she named him, it is true,
The Bunny Bucket Underpew.

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