Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Prayer to the Holy Family

This one is very old indeed; one of the oldest I actually kept. I was probably nine or ten at the oldest when I wrote it.

Prayer to the Holy Family

Jesus Christ, my loving Lord,
Son of Mary, Joseph's Ward,
Lead me, Truth and Way and Light,
All the day and all the night.

Mary, Mother of my God,
Help my soul in its onward plod
Towards thy heaven from my earth,
From the world of thy Son's birth.

Joseph, Mary's holy spouse,
Protect my family and my house;
Spouse of the Virgin ever pure,
Lead my soul on the path all-sure

Which leads to heaven ever bright,
Where angels dwell in eternal light;
Where Jesus and Mary dwell, so dear,
Enthroned with thee in eternal cheer.


crusader88 said...

i'm certainly impressed that you wrote that when you were so young. How loveable! But most of the poetry you post is from your childhood; have you not been writing as much lately?

Agnes Regina said...

No, I have. I just randomly decided to post some old ones as well. The "Sancti'tude" and the bunny poem were posted the day they were written.

Rocio C. said...

Yah, those are hillarious, ines!

Agnes Regina said...

glad you liked them, Ro.