Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wow! What a surprise!

My friend over at Catholic Perspective just notified me that this little blog of mine has been nominated for the Catholic New Media Awards! Whoever nominated me, thanks you very much; and all voters, thank you in advance! Apparently I can be voted for under the following categories:

People's Choice Blog
Best Group Blog (although I think it should probably be switched to Best Blog by a Woman, because I'm really the only girl who posts here anymore...)
Most Spiritual Blog
Most Informative Blog

So anyone that thinks I fit into any of these, thank you very much and vote away, here!


Anonymous said...

Cha-ching! I must admit I'm surprised, though- your blog, like mine, posts just once or twice a week, and mostly in the form of 7 Quick Takes, though I you've got a lot going for you in the Catholicism/music and sonnet departments.

Agnes Regina said...

Well, you can imagine how surprised I was! And well, you have much more in the sonnet department than I do -- you've got almost as many as Shakespeare and will no doubt pass him up! I haven't written a good sonnet in ages -- perhaps I will soon, though. :)