Monday, May 18, 2009

St. Cecilia does it again...

she answered my prayers for a good audition for the Ladies' Musical Club (see the last Friday takes) and I got a hundred-dollar check from them... "towards your music of the future", said the lady who called to let me know. Blest be St. Cecilia! She's never failed me yet; and to her, I offer this little ballad.

Seventeen hundred years ago
She lived, and yet it seems as though
She were a friend who shared with me
Her sorrow, joy, solemnity...
She died for God, wide worlds away,
That I may have that grace I pray.
She with the organ gave Him praise,
I with the piano music raise,
That I, a maiden as was she,
May keep like her my purity,
Defended by my angel's sword,
With honor honoring our Lord.
She guides my hand to play aright
The truest music, to delight
The ear of God as well as man,
As best our earthly music can;
My thanks to her I truly owe,
Who oft and oft has helped me so!
Cecilia, dear, my friend and aid,
Who for our King such music made,
May you, who sang with heart ablaze,
And I, who strive to rightly praise
The Lord we love, be joined someday
To intertwine our loving lay.


CP said...


Joe Strain said...

Hot digg-ity Dog.. or Congratulations
what ever fits best for you :)

crusader88 said...

This is a great ballad. It resembles the celestial poetry inserted into the diversions in Don Quixote. I am sure your intercessor is honored!

Agnes Regina said...

Many thanks, CP, Joe, and Crusader... and I don't know about St. Cecilia, but I am certainly very honored at being likened to Cervantes! God bless!

kristinareka said...
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Marinela Reka said...

I really enjoyed reading this ballad...keep it up :)