Friday, March 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

After trying for a while to figure out how to paste the little "seven quick takes" sign in, I gave up; but here they are, anyway.

The first half of the spring term is over -- farewell midterms! So next week I am FREE!!!!!! Free, that is, to help get the house ready to show. This weekend will be dedicated to intensive clean-up... well, it is spring, so spring cleaning may as well come too!

I got to play Mozart's A Major Concerto in recital yesterday; it went very smoothly indeed! I was complimented until I felt as if I ought to go floating up in the air... from swellheadedness if nothing else... :P

Our concert last Monday was an absolute blast. I didn't know we had a saxophone ensemble... much less one that plays Handel and Debussy! And the percussion ensemble rocked! The choir's part, which was mine, went very well; I loved singing Schumann's awesome Zigeunerleben (life doesn't get much better than Gypsy Life!), Mulholland's gorgeous A Red, Red Rose, and our finale, the simple Zoo-Illogical, was funny, and fun to sing with the wind ensemble.

This afternoon I had a wonderful lesson with our director of piano studies, in preparation for the concerto competition next weekend. He knows so much, I could sit for hours listening to him! I love studying with him and am looking forward to next year when he'll be my own teacher, instead of just giving me the occasional lesson (which is awfully nice of him; he helps such a lot!)

I have an awful cold... so annoying! Hopefully it will be over soon!

Our parish basketball tournament is next Saturday. It'll be fun! It's always cool to catch up with friends from the other parishes. I'll probably not make half of it, since I have the concerto competition that morning, but hopefully I'll at least see the championship. Time will tell.

Now, having finished my seventh take, I have to go finish organizing music! (yay...)

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