Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday - vol. 5

Another Friday, another seven quick takes... :)

I am getting highly excited... tomorrow is the Belleville Phil's concerto competition! I know my piece very solidly, so I am not really worried. I'm sure I'll get more nervous on the 45-minute drive over.

I read an article about the Pope's visit to the tomb and monastery of St. Frances of Rome -- she really was an awesome lady! Here is a great quote:
“Also in our own time, Rome has need of women” like Santa Francesca Romana, he said. Women “entirely dedicated to God and entirely dedicated to others; women capable of prayer and of generous and discreet service; women who know how to obey pastors but also to support and stimulate them with suggestions that arise from their intimacy with Christ and from direct experience in the field of charity, assistance to the sick, the marginalised and young people in difficulties. This is the gift of maternity which is an inseparable part of religious oblation, following the model of Mary Most Holy”.

I also had a great time today rehearsing a Vivaldi mandolin-concerto with our former pastor, who came from Texas for the basketball tournament and wanted to keep practicing - he's going to perform it on St. Joseph's day, when one of his parishioners will give a talk on Italian music. Sounds like way too much fun... We practiced yesterday as well, and he took us out to dinner at Lombardo's Trattoria, by Union Station. It was so good -- and the conversation was as delightful as the meal!

Practice for the Laetare Play is going so well! I can't believe we only have a week left!

I have that mandolin concerto so stuck in my head, I have to post it for all of you to do it too! Here you are.

Two weeks of Lent nearly gone! Tempus fugit!

Tomorrow will be a long day and it's late... I'd better go to sleep! I wish I could function on less than eight hours of sleep...


CP said...

Happy St Patrick's Day

Agnes Regina said...

Thanks, same to you! Erin go bragh!