Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Type and Antitype: a Riddle

Or (perhaps a better heading for the Ballad that is the Greatest Song in the World) :
"Come riddle me this, dear mother, come riddle me two in one..."*

What King is it that left his kingdom,
was despised and rejected by his people
(who chose a murderer over him),
for the sake of a promise made to a vassal;
who took on the form of a servant**
was humbled before a throne set up by his own power
was cast down with guilt not his own,
and laid down his life for his friend,
but lives now in great joy and bliss?

Hint: You have to have read the Silmarillion.

Inspired by the Philosopher at Large's short story Terrible Gifts and its sequel. I had not noticed this myself, in all my (eight, maybe?) years of rereading the bits of the Silmarillion which mention my favorite character!

*Cf. Chesterton (The Surprise), Anonymous ("Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender"), and Anonymous ("My Dancing Day").
**OK, I'm cheating here, in one case the servant was his, in the other NOT. But it's a TYPE, not an allegory!!!


Agnes Regina said...

You are a freakin' genius, Lucia... I know the answer so I will leave it to someone else to see if they can get it.

crusader88 said...

So it's a hard one, Agnes? I would've thought it was Jesus easily, but I haven't read the Silmarillion, so if there's another answer to Lucia's riddle I don't know it.

Lucia Rosa said...

Well, yes, that's why it's called type and antitype. Double answer required!

Agnes Regina said...

You were right about Answer I. If you read the Silmarillion, run through it again to see if you find Answer II.

Rocio C. said...

genius, yes, if somewhat an obvious one... I know you too well Lu. It's Jesus and F squared*


*F squared so as to not give away the answer to Crusader. Lu knows who I mean... who she means... whatever.