Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Queen of the Holy Rosary....

today is her day, the celebration of the great victory at Lepanto back in 1571.... wow, that's a while back. Anyhow, in honor of the day, here is a new poem...

Immaculate conceived and stainless born,
She who in Bethlehem brought Christ to men
In greatest need comes to our aid again,
Our watchful Mother, guiding star of morn.
When all seems lost, and we are all forlorn,
Confounded, weak against our deadly foes,
The Mother of the King who died and rose
Bends down to crush all those who dare to scorn
Her power and her Son; as once did she
When Ali's hellish hordes, in battle's heat,
Were near to crushing Juan of Austria's fleet;
She took the roses that her children gave
And swept the winds around, her fold to save!
Thus, in her praise we pray her Rosary.

Inés de Erausquin
October 7, 2008


Anonymous said...

Another Lepanto poem. We traditional Catholics can talk of nothing else! The last five lines are exciting.

I am somewhat confused. Is Inés the Spanish of Agnes?

Agnes Regina said...

Yes. My real name, you see... now I've given myself away...

To finish the explanation, the Regina is the Latin of my old nickname, Queen, still used by one or two old friends.

Credo said...


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