Monday, October 27, 2008

Letter to Laodicea

(From the epistle to the last of the seven churches, in the Apocalypse)

Come buy, I beg, of my burning gold
To complete your coffers with prudent care
And lengths of linen of flowing white
That your nakedness may not appear;
Lave with aloes your lightless eyes
To behold the blessed sight of bliss.
I chastize the children of my choice,
Harry and hunt them, so haste to this:
Turn ye in truth your Lord unto
For close I stand and call at the door.
He who hears my call
And opens his hall
I will enter in
To dine with him;
For his swift feet
He will share my seat
Enthroned with me,
Even as I
My father's high,
In victory.
He who has ears to hear, let him hear.


Agnes Regina said...

By beauteous verses
impressed I am!
Well done, Lucia,
my sister de-ah...

Hans Lundahl said...

If you want "indention" for the shorter verses:

< dt > before last long verse
< dd > before each short verse
< / dt > after last short verse