Friday, September 5, 2008

St. Pius the Tenth!

Yes, yes, I know I am two days late. Three it'll be by the time anyone reads this, I'm sure. But anyway, here is the poem I wrote Wednesday for our Fathers of the SSPX.


Upon this fair Wednesday
Is Pius the Ten's day,
A wonderful Pope and great Saint;
And I think that never
Was such a fool, ever,
As him who dares say that he ain't.

He grew up, quite lowly,
And ever-so-holy,
In Riese, in fair Italy;
And since priests were needed
Our Lord's call he heeded
And went to the seminary.

He would have desired
(This priest so inspired),
A meek parish priest for to stay;
But the Pope didn't think so,
And quick as two winks-o,
A Cardinal made him one day!

When the Pope was interred
An election occurred,
And although our saint said, "O nope!"
And he wept and he pleaded,
His prayer was not heeded
And so he became the new Pope!

This Pope, the Church ruling,
Was awesome - no fooling!
No nonsense this Pope would permit;
He kept the Ship sailing,
O'er evil prevailing;
Which pleased our old Foe not one bit!

He kept up his labors
And gained many favors
From Heaven for his people below;
His kind benediction
Consoled in affliction;
His death left the Church full of woe.

But from the high heaven
His blessing is given
To those who do call on him still;
And to us whose cry is
"Come aid us, St. Pius,"
He listens, and he always will.

He guards with great piety
His namesake Society;
His sons he safeguards and protects;
And with eloquence fair
He echoes our prayer:
"May God bless the SSPX!"


crusader88 said...

A pretty poem with an unusual rhyme scheme. It makes me sad, though, to remember Pope St. Pius X. My Early Church class here at Assumption is openly taught from the irreverent, Modernist perspective he detested. And the textbooks are unbelievable, and downright heretical. I am able to appreciate the Faith much more in my philosophy classes than in my theology ones.

Agnes Regina said...

Ah... modernism. It makes me mad more than miserable. Just keep up the Good Fight and the prayers. Glad you enjoyed the rhyme.

Credo said...

I'm sorry to say that a blog I run has had problems because the SSPX are mentioned. Sorry about this.If people wish to visit an Irish site that will offer a fair mention of the SSPX they can visit this site:
It has become problematic to 'gear towards' the SSPX on an existing site.

Credo said...

On a better note. What an excellent poem.I enjoyed it.
Will pray for you as you go through class each day. I have just finished after three years. I graduate with my BA next month.
I was lucky a couple of years ago to have a few good philosophy professors.
I never got to study theology. I can only imagine what passes for theology.
Here in Ireland people, usually women go and study theology to learn about the world religions or something like that. In the one seminary that is left there are more lay students studying theology than seminarians.

Then in Mary Immaculate University, you have 'theology' graduates who sing at 'Gay Pride' events or write to Catholic newspapers because cults like the Jevovah witnesses are exposed.One wrote in complaining 'the cheek' of the priest to not respect other religions.'How could he be so arrogant'

So yes the text books are full of error but only look at the webpage of the staff or college.In Ireland if you see a priest wearing a suit and tie with research interests 'works of rahner' what do you expect. Any Catholic should run a mile.

crusader88 said...

Thank you, Credo! Paradoxically, the Assumptionists always have some form of habit on, are consistently pro-life, and one who is a friend of mine has even been known to make jokes about the Jesuits. And yet they still have become enamored with the modernists' skepticism of the accuracy of the Bible, etc...

At least with our new president, the AC Allies ('gay pride' group) has been forced as closely into line with Catholic teaching as possible; for one, the club can no longer advocate acceptance of gay "marriage" and now mostly focuses on promoting nondiscrimination.

Agnes Regina said...

ah, me, these people... where do they get the idea that their sin can become not a sin if it is "accepted" by man? How twisted... and sickening.

Credo, sorry to hear of your troubles and I look forward to reading your new blog.