Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A new sonnet

Firstly, happy feastday to all you Stephens out there -- today's the feast of St. Stephen of Hungary!

Secondly, here is a new sonnet. The idea for this came to me at Mass, actually, not Benediction; but the picture in my head turned into this poem.

I gaze upon the altar far below,
The candles glimmering in the smoky haze,
And at the glorious crown of golden rays
That circles round what is God's self, I know.
And looking on the shining loveliness
Of the great monstrance holding Jesus there,
I cannot help but suddenly compare
The monstrance with one whom all nations bless -
The Maiden who is yet our Mother, and
The star of hope that leads us through the night,
That Christ in her pure body once did hold;
And now, at last, I come to understand
The name we give her, like a ray of light;
No wonder we call Mary "House of Gold!"

-- September 2, 2008
St. Stephen of Hungary


Anonymous said...

A sonnet more beautiful than my very finest! The meter is hauntingly well arranged, especially line 9.

Agnes Regina said...

Thanks, Crusader, though I think you might be exaggerating a bit. You seem to always like my Maiden/Mother lines... what is it about them, other than the awesome fact of the Virgin Birth?

Anonymous said...

In that particular line, you separated the last syllable, so while using iambic pentameter, it slowed the pace of the line just a bit, making it sound even better.

Agnes Regina said...

Thanks, that's cool... I didn't really think of it, actually, when I wrote it. My poems just fall out onto the paper, or screen, without much care, so I guess it was just lucky! :)