Saturday, July 4, 2009


Sam from was kind enough to invite me to include a sonnet in his e-book collection Sonetti. So here is the book - enjoy all the wonderful work of my fellow-sonnetteers out there!


sam said...

Hello Inés, I'm glad you like the e-book!

I corrected the typo you pointed out and uploaded a new file, but you need to update the code used to embed the book on your blog.

You can get the new code at the same website:

And thanks for your contribution!

Agnes Regina said...

Thanks to you for the work you put into the book - it's lovely!

crusader88 said...

Your sonnet is wonderful, only it confuses me!

CP said...

Your sonnet and this news is wonderful. I enjoyed reading it.

I look forward to reading the e-book,Sam.

Agnes Regina said...

Oh dear... I really did need to put an introductory note to the poem, didn't I. Crusader: think about what my profession is, and you'll probably understand the sonnet.

(Okay, I'll just give it to you, so you won't have to wonder: the subject is a grand piano.)

Rocio C. said...

The Steinway grand in the recital hall... every music major gets a key. It's her "precious". I was gonna say that without an introduction it was awfully confusing.

Three cheers for Ines!

Agnes Regina said...

Thank you, thank you... *bows*