Thursday, July 2, 2009

Arghhhh... Life!

Life's so annoying. Here's the result.

I've broken every rule of sound and rhythm as we know 'em,
I can't write poetry worth squat (as you'll see from this poem.)

I can not draw, no, not at all! My singing's kind of iffy-
But baking, cooking, that's one thing I'll beat you at in a jiffy!

Now, I can dance, now that's for sure, My sewing is all right,
My hearing's good, I love the rain, I see real well at night,

I love adventures, need my space, and long to be a gypsy,
But home-sickness once in a while sets that plan sort of tipsy...

I long to be a teacher, psych, a doctor and a dancer:
I can't be all, so how does that help me get an answer???

How is all this stuff supossed to make no contradiction?
How can this all fit into a single job description?!?

Adults don't realize the pressure they put on ones so young
"What to be when you grow up?" should be enough to get one hung!

Our future, lovely future, which no one understands-
If you want to make God laugh, go and tell Him all your plans!

--Rocio de Erausquin
Thursday, July 2, 2009


crusader88 said...

The third to last line is really good, Rocio.

Agnes Regina said...

haha... is not my little sister a great poet, Leslie? I only wish she wrote more, because she only does this once in a blue moon.

Rocio C. said...
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