Friday, April 4, 2008

Waiting on Summer

My last and final post for today, is simply to say that I would be bringing you another post of my travels over the Easter Break except for the fact that I did not travel over this break. For this report, you will have to look to Colleen. I had planned to meet her in Paris or Nevers and travel around France by train with her and another friend, Ally. There was a miscommunication between me and the computer and my Rail Pass failed to be directed as it should have been. Since I had already spent money to buy it I couldnt well afford to buy more train tickets. At any rate, Colleen and Ally have traveled to Nevers, Lyon, La Salette and Marseille or St.Baume. You will have to ask them for the details. I am holdiong down the fort, er, convent in St. Macaire and doing my best to break out of the hermitage and learn French. I have 3 months left and Colleen has 4 unless someone springs about 200 US Dollars for one of us to change our plane ticket: either I change to July 30th and keep her company or she changes to June 30th and flies home with me. Otherwise we are both set in our current plans. Keep us in your prayers abd we will do the same for you. Happy Easter Season! Look forward to a post on Chartres Pilgrimage sometime in the far distant future. I sent my registration form in this week. Colleen plans to travel otherwise during that break, so alas we will still not be together in France.


Agnes Regina said...

Chartres Pilgrimage?! Sweet!!! You have to tell us all about it and please keep us in your prayers! Say hello to Colleen when you talk to her; she does not have internet as far as we know so she has not been posting, alas!!

Rocio C. said...

Yes... a sad misfortune! I wish she could post and tell us all about her loverly adventures in France, like you do, Laura!