Friday, April 4, 2008

March 14th

The last Friday in Lent before Good Friday this year saw me on another field trip of sorts. A group of students, nuns and my hermitess-self went to the nearby village of Verdalais to make the Stations of the Cross, here known as Chemin de Croix. There is a beautiful church there with a gleaming GOLD statue upon the spire. It used to be a great pilgrimage sight in medevial times and there were a great number of plaques on the wall testifying to the many miracles Our Lady has performed for the pilgrims. (There is a Latin name for these plaques, but I cannot recall it at present.) Next to the church is a great hill and a cemetary on the hill. As you climb the hill, about half way up there is a small chapel and the outdoor way of the cross begins. It ends with a crucifiction scene on top of the large hill overlooking a lot of the region of Bordeaux. It was very impressive and helpful for meditation, in fact I did it again yesterday as I found myself out and walking around that area. But that is another story.

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Agnes Regina said...

You mean ex-votos. Sounds really cool!