Monday, February 4, 2008

Tradidit Quod Et Accepit

A tribute to the great Archbishop Lefebvre. The title is also on his tomb, I believe - I have passed on what I have received.

Marcel Lefebvre,
Our bishop great,
A priest for all
To imitate,

He battled 'gainst
The modernist
With pen and prayer
Change to resist.

He did not faint,
he did not falter
He trained true priests
To mount the altar,

To say the Mass,
The Mass divine
Not the new Mass -
The Tridentine.

God rest him now,
Our great Marcel
He, to restore
In Christ, fought well.

He suffered much
And often grieved
But he passed on
What he'd received.


Anonymous said...

Also very nice; the style and meter remind me of Long Skirts.

Ineski Peski Petrova said...

Thank you! It is a bit like hers, now I look at it.