Thursday, January 24, 2008

An Acrostic to Our Lady

This one's initials are Latin. Translation, anybody but Lucia? :)

Mother of God, Mother of all Mankind
And yet a maiden stainless, full of grace,
Receive the praise we send before thy face,
In tearful vales by chains of sin confined.
As thou art pure, so may we also be;
Mother, O aid us to be good alway,
And pray thy Son, as we thy children pray,
To pardon all our foul iniquity.
Eternal Queen of angels and of men,
Redemptrix, with thy Son, of all our race,
Defeat the serpent, who with lying face
Of hellish beauty tempts our souls to sin.
Mary! Maria! Mother-Maiden free!
In darkness be our star, by day our sun,
Never to leave us till we greet thy Son
In heaven's glories for eternity.


Anonymous said...

Did you write that? It's very good. It is very much like a heartfelt prayer said on the spot due to the plodding meter. Only one line worries me,

And pray thy Son, as we thy children pray,

I certainly think and hope our Queen in Heaven prays more effectively than I imagine I do!

Rocio C. said...

yes, Ines is a poem freak. i wish i could write like her, though i admit i like her Ode to My Ladybugs (refering to my slippers) better than her sonnets. i dont like sonnets much. btw, do any of us know you? if we dont, please introduce yourself. welcome to the blog!

profumodipipa said...

Entro in punta di piedi, ho letto che sei di Saint Macaire...mio zio " era " di S. Macaire....bel posto...precisamente di Saint Martin....un saluto.- :-)

Ineski Peski Petrova said...

Yes, I wrote it. It was certainly heartfelt, despite the 'plodding' meter...

Oh, I know Our Lady prays much better than we... but it came out that way, and I didn't quite mean that she prays in the same way, but more "as" in the sense of "at the same time," so that her prayers and ours mingle and hers make up for anything lacking in ours...

Ineski Peski Petrova said...

Benvenuto, profumodipipa. Non siamo di St. Macaire, siamo di St. Louis, Missouri; ma la nostra amica ha stato in St. Macaire. Un saluto

Rocio C. said...

ciao, benvenuto. siamo altri pro fumo di pipa. il mio padre fuma pipa.