Thursday, October 11, 2012

Word and Question!

I know I haven't posted in forever, but when I discovered the game of Word and Question (born in the wonderful What Katy Did series by Susan Coolidge) actually happening online at Enbrethiliel's blog I had to join in. Head over there to read the rules and the results of this month's words and questions -- and behold mine.

Word: Wonder
Question: Whose shoe is that?

Whose - whose, I wonder - is that shoe?
Just guessing by the size,
I think that I can answer true
And without telling lies.
It is that famed Old Woman's, who
Had kids in lots gigantic,
And was so lost for what to do
That she was nearly frantic, 
So fed them broth withouten bread,
And beat and sent them all to bed.


Enbrethiliel said...


This is adorable! =D And it's a poem that would not be out of place in a Susan Coolidge story.

That was my question, and I love your answer! Thanks so much for playing, Agnes! =)

Agnes Regina said...

Wow, how funny - you got my word and I got your question! Did you do that on purpose or was it randomized? :) Glad you like it!

Enbrethiliel said...


There is only one other player this month, so we all have one prompt from each other. =)

I do try to make assignments as random as possible, "interfering" only so that we don't end up with our own again or with both from the same person.

Agnes Regina said...

oh wow hehe ... no wonder! :) Well, it worked out very nicely.

__ said...

Muy bonito y ocurrente, como as iushual. Lo que no entiendo es de dónde sacaste la pregunta y la palabra.

Agnes Regina said...

De otro blog que es el 'host' para el juego. La idea es que cada jugador contribuye una pregunta y una palabra, y se mezclan y distribuyen entre los jugadores, que escriben la poesia para contestar la pregunta, incorporando la palabra.

M. Reka said...

Love it :)

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