Friday, September 18, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 13

It's been forever since I remembered to do one of these. Life's been crazy. But here we go.

Last Tuesday I acquired a lovely blue Vespa, which has been cause of much admiration and envy among my peers. Pictures can be found on TradCats.

Our grandparents, who have been visiting for the past two weeks with us and our sister Lucia, who is home from New Zealand, (witness the posts below!), left this morning. It was a lovely visit and I'll miss them.

I'm re-reading the memoirs of violinist Albert Spalding. He had the good fortune to live around a lot of awesome composers; he played for (and with) Saint-Saens, Respighi, Dohnanyi, and toured all over the place. Rise to Follow is humorous, charming, and paints a wonderful picture of life both as a child prodigy and a mature artist.

I'm enjoying John Mark Ainsley's rendition of The Trumpet's Loud Clangour, from Handel's Ode for St. Cecilia's Day. What a voice.

Among my many pieces, I'm working on Debussy's Petite Suite, for piano four-hands, with a fellow piano-major. Here is a rendition of the first movement, En Bateau, played by a recently graduated friend, Michael McElvain, with another friend of ours (not a student, though I used to see him often around the music building.) Enjoy... it's gorgeous!!!

Plans are beginning to heat up for the next Jam Session, over New-Year's. I can't wait. This one will be all the way up in New York! Some snow, for a change! I hope our voices survive the chill!

Telemann's woodwind concertos are amazing... right now, having watched O Brother, Where Art Thou?, we're enjoying his Oboe Concerto in E minor. Good stuff...


Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

our sister Lucia, who is home from New Zealand, (witness the posts below!),

But it is perfectly possible for her to log in to her account down under and post from there! That is one of the things about internet.

Agnes Regina said...

Well, yes, but I don't know if the convent allows her to post on our blog down there. At least, she never did!

Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

oh, she is in a convent school.

Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

PS, if you like my compositions, why not add one of them to your repertoir?

Agnes Regina said...

Sure, as soon as I get some paper to print one. I'll let you know when I learn one, and see if I can post a video on youtube!

Hans-Georg Lundahl said...