Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Three Flowers

Well, what do you know; just as I begin to think that inspiration's fount floweth no more, I come up with two poems in two days! The first is in the post just below this; and here is the second.

My Three Flowers

In my garden grow three flowers,
Lily, Rose and Passion-flower,
And I love to look upon them
As they flourish in my bower;
Sure, what need of wealth or glory,
With these blossoms as my dower?

Lily is the first fair flower,
Continence and purity;
White and bright as steel new-tempered,
Strong against the enemy
Do I keep my shining Lily,
Holy Mary helping me.

Rose is second of my flowers,
Red and white and gold is she,
Love of God the golden blossoms,
Red for those who well love me,
White for love of foes commanded,
Holy Joseph helping me.

Passionflower wild and brilliant,
Blazing as a torch I see -
All my passion for my music,
Rich in rainbow harmony,
Praising God in every cadence,
St. Cecilia helping me.

Mary, Joseph, sweet Cecilia,
Pray, I pray, to Christ for me,
That my flowers, never fading,
Evermore may blossom free,
Till, in God's own garden planted,
I may bloom eternally.

--June 9, 2009


Catholic Chicks said...

:) Very nice!

Agnes Regina said...

Hey, thanks!

Marinela Reka said...

I love your line of thought.
I truly enjoyed

Agnes Regina said...

thank you, Marinela!