Friday, January 2, 2009

The Tayle of Ye Adventures in Ye Lande of Texas

Once upon a tyme, a fayre mayden traveled to ye land of texas wythe heer elder systers twain, and heer brother, a myghty knyte, was theer escorte through weel and wronge. Together theye traveled, long and far bye a trayne, til anon theye cam unto the Land of Texas. There theye alighted at a small towne named Longview, where theye learned that theyre escorte, the good Friar Gregory, had bene loste on ye waye. Theye therefore consulted amongst themeselves, saying, "Let us sally forthe from this place, and seek an inn where we maye dine." Off theye started, and had not gone eer yet a myle when they saw, riding towardes theme at ay swyft pace knights* twain. Most Courteouslye theye were greeted bye these strange knytes, who asked of theme theere purpose in thys lande. "For in this place," theye warned, " Are many ruffians and evil knytes, who woulde fain rob ye of all your treasures, even unto your lute.** Therefore, let us conduct you unto a place of refuge, there to awayte this honorable friar." The fayre maydens and theyre brotherknyte being of accord, ye strange knytes took the mayds appilion, as theye hade no chargers. One of the knytes being also a mage of greyte power, removed from hyse robes a magic myror, with wyche he spake at lengthe wythe the good Friar, telling hyme of ye place of refuge to whyche theye tooke the fouresome. The Friar, being at first afraid, was at lengthe consoled that sayde fouresome hade done nought of mischeife to be in the custody of a mage, for theye were yet younge and full of high spyrits. At lengthe he came unto the place of refuge, the Whataburger inn, and, having partaken of a meal and tayking theere leave of the strange knytes, the foursome, now under the winge of Friar Gregory, continued on theere journee.

**Ig's guitar.


Hans Lundahl said...

magic mirror? téléphone portable avec fonction caméra or what?

Agnes Regina said...

Yes, a cell-phone! sorry, we missed that!