Wednesday, December 24, 2008

about half a day early... merry Christmas!


Let us sing and dance and play
For the King that's born today
To save us all from death and woe;
Benedicamus Domino.

In Bethlem's stable cold and drear
He was born, that Babe so dear;
Of Mary Maid He came to us,
Iesus Christus Dominus.

Son of God in human form,
Born amid the winter storm,
For to save from Satan's power
At the weary midnight hour.

And a star that filled the sky
Told His coming from on high,
Lighting all with silver glow;
Benedicamus Domino!


crusader88 said...

Very nice, Agnes; it sounds like something a bard would sing. But does us rhyme with Dominus?

Agnes Regina said...

Not really. In some old carols I've seen this rhyme and similar ones used though. :)

Lucia Rosa said...

Hey, you cheated. The third verse has no latin line. And anyway, all jammers would quibble object to the "weary" midnight hour!

Agnes Regina said...

Haha... true dat! But I'm sure Mary would have found it very weary after a long journey by donkey! :) And yes, I know... I couldn't think up a Latin line. Maybe there'll be an adaptation soon.