Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For the Holy Souls

I know this is a day late, but we have a whole week to get indulgences for them, so why not poems?


Light eternal on them shine
With the holy Saints benign;
Hear our prayer, O Lord divine:
Dona eis requiem.

Let thy dear souls, who burn in fire
Of sorrow and of great desire
Be freed from pain and grief so dire!
Dona eis requiem.

O Lord, their love and longing see
And from their suffering set them free,
In heaven's joy to join with Thee.
Dona eis requiem.

They suffer for their debt of sin
The purgatorial flames within,
And strive Thy light at last to win.
Dona eis requiem.

They love Thee, Lord - Thou knowest this!
O bring them home from sin's abyss,
And grant to them Thy peace and bliss!
Dona eis requiem.

------Inés de Erausquin


crusader88 said...

Your poem is praiseworthy and meditative. The first two lines were especially appealing, thereby drawing me in the more deeply; even though the meter is the same, the second sounds slightly faster.

Agnes Regina said...

Thank you so much. Again, you seem to have caught some things I wasn't thinking about in the writing... :) but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

CP said...

As always I enjoyed the poem.

Agnes Regina said...