Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another poem!

Being home seems to have inspired me more than my travels! I was not very poetic then, but I came up with a new one today as Michelle and I rode home from school. So I present...

The Cyclists' Prayer

The whirling pedals send us
Swiftly down the street;
Our hair in wind is lifting,
In the August heat;

And as we reach the hilltop and
Go spinning down once more,
We look up at the endless sky
That spreads the city o'er,

And lift our voices in a prayer
To Him who lives above it,
To thank Him for inventing
The bike - oh, how we love it!

For giving us a steady hand
And steady eye, that we
May stay upon the sidewalk,
Not run into a tree,

We thank you, dearest Savior;
And for our lungs, as well;
For having lungs to breathe with
Is really pretty swell.

We thank you for strong legs, Lord,
And thank you for our feet;
And for our youth and humor,
Which make our bike rides sweet.

O Christ, who didst create us
And give us strength, today
Protect us as we fly along,
And aid us on our way.


Credo said...

Amazing. I enjoyed reading this poem! I just finished my exams in English Lit. With so much horrible literature out there it was great to read this.

Familia de Erausquin (la auténtica) said...

you forgot some lines about don't forget to carry patches for punches (or improve our sight to avoid thorns and nails).

Agnes Regina said...

Haha... that's a good suggestion, Tio Alvaro! Maybe Version 2.0 will have that mentioned.

Credo... this is hardly Shakespeare, but I'm glad you liked it!

Anonymous said...

And I liked it too! I haven't used a bike in many years, but yet again I haven't got a car either, since I seldom need to get anywhere.

Agnes Regina said...

Ah, well, Crusader... for you I will have to write "The Hikers' Prayer!" Though, as I am not fond of long walks, it may not be so 'from the heart', as it were...