Friday, March 28, 2008

A Child, to Mary

This one was written not-quite-so-long ago... as the date tells, it's about three years old. Enjoy.

Mary, you were little once,
A child, as I today;
Mary, you were little once,
Hear me while I pray!
Dearest Mother, dressed in blue,
With your veil so white,
Let me be your little child,
Give me grace’s light.

Mary, you are innocent,
Guard my innocence;
To be a Mother you were meant,
Be then my defense.
Lady in your robe of white,
With your sash of blue,
Teach me how to do what’s right;
Let me come to you.

Mary, you were sorrowful,
Comfort me I pray,
I am sad and sinful,
Help me on my way.
Mary, in your gown of black,
Weeping for your Son,
Lead my soul and take me back
To the Holy One.

Mary, you are Heaven’s queen,
Rule me also then,
Teach me how to take the road
Back to grace again.
Mary with your starry crown,
Fair as moon and sun,
Help me always, up and down,
Till my life is done.
---Inés de Erausquin
April 16, 2005

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