Monday, December 17, 2007


As yesterday was Gaudete Sunday, here's the next poetical offering...

The ground is buried deep beneath the snows,
But here, within the church's golden gloom,
A flower of flame above us is in bloom -
The glowing Advent-wreath's rejoicing-rose.
It blossoms in the vestments, and it flows
Through the translucent windows of the room;
It weaves the sunlight like Our Lady's loom
Into a flaming chasuble that glows
Color of rose, lit by a flame divine,
The color of rejoicing, sweet and fair,
Calling us to be glad in Jesu's name;
And, as the Advent-candles softly shine,
We lift our hearts to Jesus with a prayer
To light them all with his Gaudete-flame.

Inés de Erausquin.


Laura said...

Hi there, this isn't a comment directly about this post, but I couldn't find a place to put general comments.
So Colleen and I were talking today when I was in Nantes and she wanted me to post here also on the adventure in France section. So how come you girls never asked me to be a contributor, huh?
laura from England

Laura said...

Oh, yes. Merry Christmas, by the way!

Ineski Peski Petrova said...

Laura... great hearin' from ya. Lucia is admin so I'll tell her to send you a link. Do you have a google account? if so email it to us.

Lucia Rosa said...

Tell Colleen to post and to invite us to see her France blog!

Laura said...

Colleen doesn't have access to a computer currently...

Ineski Peski Petrova said...

Oh, what a shame! Ah well, when she does, tell her to invite us!