Monday, October 29, 2007

In honor of Christ the King

Since yesterday was the Feast of Christ the King, I took up my poetic pen and came up with these. Enjoy.

Rule us, O Lord, and let us nothing lack;
Lead us upon the narrow path and straight;
Teach us in weary times to patient wait,
And guide us forward, never looking back.
Reign in our hearts, dear King and Master sweet
Whose yoke is easy and whose burden, light;
Be Thou our guiding flame in blackest night
When foes would trample us beneath their feet.
Make us, O Sacramental Sovereign,
True bread, pure bread and holy, that we may
Be unto Thee a worthy offering
And pleasing to Thy Deity - that when
The battle ends, and comes the Judgment Day,
With saints we may acclaim Thee, Christ the King!

Laudes Regis.

Let all the angels lift their song
In praise of Him whose death and life
Have broken chains that held us long
And fettered fast the lord of strife.

His noble love has burst the bounds
Of death and demon's tyranny,
And now all Christendom resounds
With joy at Jesu's monarchy,

Our Lord, our King, our Life and Light,
Our strength, our glory and our love,
That rules all things within our sight
And all that man will ne'er know of.

Our mighty Master, great and strong,
More terrible than words can say,
Whose merciful embrace is long
As worlds have been, or worlds will stay.

In mercy infinitely kind,
For which we sing most gratefully,
There is no monarch man can find
As loving or as great as He.

Rise up on high, eternal Gate
Ye princes, lift your portals high
So that the King of Glory great
May enter as He passes by!

Who is this King of Glory, say?
The Lord most mighty in the fight!
Who is this King, O tell me, pray?
The Lord of Hosts, the Lord of Light!

Lift up your voices, Angels all,
Mankind arise and gladly sing
Til vales arise and mountains fall
To honor Christ, our Lord and King!

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